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Choosing a school for your child is one of the most significant decisions every concerned parent makes. It is therefore our pleasure to assist you in making a wise choice by having a better understanding of the Montessori Method of Education and the vision and mission of Jevoir International Montessori School.



Head Teacher

Jevior International Montessori School

On behalf of my Proprietress, academic and non-academic staff of JEVOIR INTERNATIONAL Montessori School I would like to specially welcome you . Our work as teachers begin by building upon the numerous skills you have fostered in your child at home. It is our aim to develop a successful partnership with you in the academic, social and moral education of your child. We aim to deliver a broad balanced curriculum catering for all our children in school. Our curriculum is presented to them in an integrated manner through cross curricular themes which comprises blending the British curriculum Montessori Method of education and the Nigerian curt Our aim is to inspire our children to be successful lifelong learners, effective contributors, confident individuals and responsible citizens of the world. We work in partnership with home, our local community and international service providers. At Jevoir International Montessori School individual learning is emphasized, assigning small clusters of ten children to a classroom. Assessment is also a continuous process which is integral to our teaching. We assess children in order to ascertain what they understand. Much of the assessment is based on the teacher’s professional judgment of the child’s achievement and is backed with evidence of the child’s work. The learning goals are achieved by providing children with opportunities to have a wide range of adult and child led focused activities in order to develop a positive self. We also have an excellent and positive relationship which exists between the school, child, staff and parents. We invite you to explore our website so that you can form a better view of the school and other activities. However, it is impossible to convey the friendly, caring atmosphere of the school and the commitment and enthusiasm of the staff. The only way is to check it out yourself. We would love to meet with you . Kindly make an appointment to look round the school. Looking Forward to see you


One of our major concerns is to support the young child in his growth so, in addition to preparing an ideal environment for his absorbent mind and sensitive periods, every child is motivated and encouraged by caring and supportive adults to develop his social skills and imbibe positive values. We respect and value the child as an individual and help him to succeed, not by pushing him but by following him to learn at his own pace.



In the toddler class, children from 24months to  3years are grouped together to develop basic skills and familiarize themselves with the rudiments of all areas of the Montessori curriculum. This is achieved through the prepared environment designed for the age group.


In the pre-school/ Nursery class, children aged 3-5 years are grouped together. Mixed age-grouping is ideal; as older children become role models to the younger ones while the younger ones learn a lot from the older ones. They flow into one another (osmosis).


Our primary curriculum is a blend of the Nigerian and British Curriculum of learning which are further enriched with aspects of the Montessori curriculum. Ours is a world of CREATIVITY AND EXCELLENCE

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