Our Staff

Our staff comprises both the teaching and non-teaching staff. Every member of staff of the school working in, or behalf of the school has a responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of the children. This includes the responsibility to provide a safe environment in which children can learn to identify children who may be in need of extra help and offer such help without  hesitation and as appropriate.


Barrister (MRS) Rosemary Iyayi-Ogieva is a dynamic teacher with excellent leadership qualities. She is a Law graduate from the University of Benin,(LLB),  she holds a Master’s of Law degree from the University of Buckingham, United Kingdom(LLM), a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria ( BL), a member of the NIGERIAN BAR ASSOCIATION (NBA), she holds a master’s degree in MARKETING (MSC) and also a master’s degree in INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS from London School of Computing and management. United Kingdom.

She also has a Montessori diploma in Early Childhood Education as well as a diploma in English Language teaching Management from the United Kingdom. She is very passionate about Montessori Education and  is  committed to “follow the child” in his natural course of development. She loves and admires children and is passionate about creating a favorable learning environment that is geared towards meeting the developmental needs of every child. Little wonder, she is an avid advocate of the Montessori Method of education. She shares Maria’s Montessori’s belief that if learning activities and experiences are planned and implemented with the child’s developmental needs in mind, then education will be more meaningful and more beneficial to both the individual and the society,bearing in mind that “it is the child who creates the man and that there is  no one who is a man that was not once a child”.  With leaning and education organized this way, according to Montessori, there  will be less strife and wars in our world.

Her passion lies in raising and mentoring confident, outstanding and globally relevant pupils and staff with affirmative self-awareness and society-benefitting moral values.

Barrister (Mrs) Rosemary Iyayi-Ogieva is also a teacher trainer-Montessori conventional-  of repute.

Her desire and aspiration is to make Jevoir International Montessori School a great place to work, a place where people are inspired to be the best  they can be.



The head teacher is a result-oriented Montessori-trained educator and an enthusiast of Montessori education. He is very passionate about enhancing the holistic development of the CHILD, out of a personal realization of the delicate nature of the foundational years in the life of every child.He is a dynamic teacher with vast experience in classroom management and control. He inspires children to discover experience and develop their talents and innate abilities and supports the teachers to differentiate learning through making deliberate effort to know each pupil’s learning style.


An effective teacher understands that teaching involves wearing multiple hats to ensure that the school day runs smoothly and all pupils receive quality education.
At JEVOIR INTERNATIONAL Montessori School, our teachers are great learners, constantly taking classes and attending professional development sessions to learn the latest, best practices and strategies for effective teaching. They collaborate with one another to gain new ideas for teaching, planning grade-level instructions and combining subjects to enhance the learning experience. They analyze test results and other data to help determine the course of their instruction and make changes in their classrooms. They design lesson plans to teach the standards and provide engaging activities, while taking into account pupils’ interests and instructional needs.
The School management ensures that teachers are adequately exposed to different quality teacher training programs and professional development workshops and conferences as this helps them to pour out their all to the children .


Our non-teaching staff, also known as the administrative staff, provide essential back-up services for the whole school. The administrative staff include; the administrative manager, the front desk /ICT officer, the school nurse, the librarian, the accountant, the sanitation officers, and the security personnel.